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    28 Pictures That Will Make British Thirtysomethings Cry With Nostalgia

    "Ex'cla-ma'tion: Make a statement without saying a word."

    1. The Big Breakfast house.

    2. And this wooden bird with purple hair.

    3. Ex'cla-ma'tion perfume.

    4. The edgy delight that was This Life.

    5. The wonders of Going Live!

    6. Learning to read with Wordy on Words and Pictures

    7. And those shows-within-a-show on Words and Pictures as well. They were quite odd.

    8. Woof!: the best programme about a boy who repeatedly turned into some kind of terrier.

    9. This batshit music video by Shakespear's Sister.

    10. And the hilarious French and Saunders spoof.

    11. Major Morgan!

    12. This cat, with his wealth of safety information.

    13. This epic (and scary) claymation show.

    14. This dance routine.

    15. The wonder duo that was 2 Unlimited.

    16. This delicious Dairy Milk dispenser.

    17. And getting sweets and weird plastic balls with stuff inside them from one of these.

    18. Ice cream–flavour Chewits.

    19. Maid Marian and Her Merry Men

    20. These unsuitable, subsequently banned treats.

    21. Games like these.

    22. Not to mention Prince of Persia.

    23. This joyous sight.

    24. Floella Benjamin.

    25. The original Grange Hill intro.

    26. PJ being blinded by paintballs on Byker Grove.

    27. Plastic tubes full of lovely Pogs.

    28. And hunting for your next victim in an Argos catalogue.