21 Times "Game Of Thrones" 100% Summed Up Scottish Life

    "How do you live up here? How do you keep your balls from freezing off?"

    Warning: minor spoilers for season seven.

    1. When a TV reporter refers to "The North", but they mean, like, Birmingham or something.

    2. When you find out that Buckfast is made in Devon.

    3. When your English pal pays you a visit.

    4. And when they suggest going outside without a coat.

    5. When it's only August 29 but it's already freezing.

    6. When you go on holiday and forget to put on sunscreen.

    7. When a crap busker fires up their bagpipes outside your work.

    8. When you're on day eight of a Christmas bender.

    9. When you go back to work after Hogmanay.

    10. When someone tries to get you to go outside in January.

    11. When you go to Nando's on payday.

    12. When you listen to "Flower of Scotland" and get all riled up.

    13. When your commute is fucked in winter but you're still expected to go into the office.

    14. When your pal is MWI in a club and the bouncer starts to show an interest.

    15. And when you give them life advice in the toilets.

    16. When England lose at football.

    17. When you bring a kebab munchy box home after a night out.

    18. When you finally sober up and the hangover hits.

    19. When someone takes the piss out of your hair colour.

    20. When you see the SDL marching through Glasgow.

    21. And when you hear someone slagging off the English.