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    19 Hilariously Dull British Postcards

    Other countries put beautiful beach scenes on their tourist postcards. Not us. We're far too proud of our bus stations, roundabouts and motorway flyovers.

    1. Is there anything more British than a Ford Cortina parked outside a Wimpy? *wipes away patriotic tear*

    2. "Dear mum. Vera and I are having a lovely time in Redditch. Wish you were here."

    3. Google Street View, 1978 Edition.

    4. The stained concrete on the far right of this postcard really adds to the charm.

    5. Google Street View: 1958 Edition.

    6. Broxbourne Civic Centre: the first government building made entirely from old cardboard boxes.

    7. Fun fact: in 1975, the residents of Bolton were enslaved by giant Ikea uplighters.

    8. Why take a photo of a lovely park when you could stand in the park and photograph a street lamp instead?

    9. If you can find the church you win a prize.

    10. You can't even see the whole roundabout. This postcard should really be called 'half a car'.

    11. Preston bus station might be a masterpiece of Brutalist architecture, but would you really want to own a postcard version?

    12. Double denim? Anoraks with floral skirts? This photo is so 90s it hurts.

    13. That Hertfordshire roundabout photographer could learn a lot from whoever took this photo. No half cars here.

    14. UFOs! Oh wait, no. It's just ink.

    15. Fun fact 2: in 1963, there were only five cars in the whole of the UK*


    *This might be a lie.

    16. This postcard is currently available to buy on eBay for £4.95. If you pay an extra 5p, they'll throw in the top of the clock tower.

    17. Oh well, Harrogate, at least you tried. Two out of three ain't bad.

    18. British holiday making in a nutshell.

    19. And last but by no means least: a postcard of a woman buying a postcard from the place the postcard was sold. It's like postcard Inception.

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