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    18 Problems That Only People Who Work In A Call Centre Will Understand

    Get motivized, stupid.

    1. Being told that you're not 'motivized' enough.

    2. Feeling terrified the first time you take a call.

    3. Having to ask for permission to go to the toilet.

    4. The ENDLESS data protection training.

    5. Targets, targets, targets.

    6. Being shouted at. All the time.

    7. Getting ostracised by your coworkers for forgetting it's a fancy dress day.

    8. 'Motivizing' morning meetings.

    9. Being asked to work unpaid overtime.

    10. The coworker who basically just wants to get fired.

    11. Taking calls that you aren't equipped to deal with.

    12. Phoning a customer, only to be told that they died.

    13. A minor cough = world's worst illness.

    14. Having to come in at 8.30am to start up your computer.

    15. Not wanting to speak on the phone on days off.

    16. Getting home and noticing that your friends have been on Facebook all day.

    17. Customers with unpronounceable names.

    18. Being told that your job sucks.