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    11 Times Google Autocomplete Was Extremely Wrong About Scotland

    How dare you say that about Ayr, Google?

    1. Excuse us, Google, but Scots certainly aren't ugly.

    Just feast your eyes on this guy...

    Pa / PA Archive/Press Association Images

    ...and this ex-Doctor's assistant.

    Ian Nicholson / PA Archive/Press Association Images

    2. Oh, so you think Glasgow sucks, do you?

    Well it's actually damn fine.

    Flickr: 99408200@N05 / Creative Commons

    And perfectly clean, thank you very much.

    Flickr: diversey / Creative Commons

    It is quite rainy though: We'll give you that.

    3. Edinburgh is boring, you say?

    Guess you haven't heard of a little thing called the Edinburgh Festival?

    Flickr: aigle_dore / Creative Commons


    Flickr: zoetnet / Creative Commons

    4. Stupid, Google? Hardly.

    This is Scottish scientist Alexander Graham Bell. He invented a minor thing called the telephone. / Creative Commons

    You probably haven't heard of it.

    And your Street View cars wouldn't get far without tarmac roads like these:

    Flickr: anieto2k / Creative Commons

    Invented by "stupid" Scottish engineer John Loudon McAdam in 1820.

    5. Scottish food is bad, Google? Are you sure?

    Edinburgh has the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants of any city in the UK apart from London.

    Flickr: chatiryworld / Creative Commons

    This is a blood orange and rhubarb tiramisu with rhubarb sorbet from The Kitchin.

    While Glasgow is filled with amazing street food and burger restaurants.

    6. Apparently the Scottish Highlands are "cold".

    Not all the time, Google.

    Flickr: iknow-uk / Creative Commons

    We have summer too, you know.

    Flickr: gbfineartphoto / Creative Commons

    7. You think Edinburgh is dirty. Hmm.

    Well take a look at this:

    Flickr: abibooth / Creative Commons

    We give those cliffs a thorough wipe down every day.

    And our beaches aren't bad either.

    Flickr: lambda_x / Creative Commons

    Not a jobby in sight.

    8. Aberdeen is a dump?

    O rly, Google?

    Flickr: 53264931@N03 / Creative Commons

    No, you're totally right: Who would want to live here?

    Flickr: gordon_robertson / Creative Commons

    9. Dundee is a hole. Are you sure about that?

    It certainly doesn't look very hole-like here:

    Flickr: neillwphoto / Creative Commons

    Or here:

    Flickr: brizo_the_scot / Creative Commons

    10. Hey, Google: There's no need to get personal.

    Anyway, Ayr certainly isn't a dump.

    Flickr: by-mark / Creative Commons

    It's absolutely lovely.

    And neither is the surrounding coast.

    Flickr: _____graeme / Creative Commons

    This is the Heads of Ayr. No junkies here, dirty or otherwise.

    11. You might think Scotland is boring and cold, Google, but we just proved that isn't true.

    Well, ok, it can get a little bit cold occasionally...

    Flickr: abriachannurseries / Creative Commons

    Abriachan Waterfall, by Loch Ness.

    ...but who cares when winter is this beautiful?

    Flickr: stirlingcouncil / Creative Commons

    Loch Lubnaig.

    In short, Google, we've only got one thing to say to you: / Disney Pixar

    You can stick your autocomplete results where the sun doesn't shine.

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