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23 Things All Melburnians Secretly Love But Pretend To Hate

Time to 'fess up.

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6. Hook turns.

Hook turn confusion is for out-of-towners, and we'll fiercely defend it as an efficient traffic management system.

7. Spring racing season. / Via Twitter: @boysycallan

Again, we're in it for the memes (and judging people's fashion/drunken antics).


10. Bad buskers.

The Cookie Monster playing the bagpipes on Flinders Street? Yes, please. A bunny playing irritating electric guitar solos at 8am? Sign me up.

11. Hipster beards.

We liked them before they were mainstream.

12. Novelty lattes.

If avocado is to blame for our housing woes, we're going to enjoy it in as many ways as possible.


13. Deconstructed food

Doesn't it make breakfast more fun when you get to assemble it how you like? Plus, it's way more Instagrammable this way.

16. Interstate dim sims.

You can't go to South Melbourne Market every week.


17. Pretentious wine descriptions.

Lionsgate Television

"Pleasantly complex, this intensely seductive blend binds full-bodied leather notes with wafts of fair-trade organic chocolate and dank musty armpits on the #86 tram."