• hilarykeilpb

      Okay, I think my issue with this is the video editing. The “Dove” commercial and other similar time-lapse makeup videos work because they have a closer zoom on the face, they edit out the blinks and they use the “steady cam” filter to stabilize the face in the final product. They also don’t use “flash” transitions between the edits. This gives the illusion of a steady pair of gazing eyes while the face slowly transforms. This video doesn’t work as well because the time lapse make the blinking seem non-stop, the zoom is too wide, and you can see the models’ heads bobbing back and forth as the makeup is applied. The “flash” transitions make it seem even choppier. Also, the individual makeover portions start with foundation and contouring even done, which means the change isn’t nearly as dramatic as if it were start to finish. And there are only 4 or 5 edits per model, so you don’t get the seamless-transformation effect.

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