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Running: Cheaper Than Therapy

Staying sane one step at time.

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I am one of those crazy runners you've heard about, but I've got a pretty good sense of humor about it.

My equally crazy running brother. Best dude around.

My equally crazy running brother. Best dude around.

Is it time to go for a run yet?

When you think about runners what comes to mind? Well whatever you’re thinking, I know at least part of it, if not all of it, is correct. It’s true that we sport spandex or tempo running shorts at every opportunity, habitually in neon, have a coffee in hand, undoubtedly wearing compression socks, most likely in neon, we single handedly keep the protein bar industry afloat and follow Runner’s World magazine like crazy Nazis. Did I mention we like neon?

To be considered a runner, by definition, you simply need to run. Most people think to be a runner you have to run far or fast, win races or run marathons, but in reality you just need to lace up your sneaks and head out, whether that’s in your neighborhood or on the famous streets of New York City. Or, as we are more popularly described, you just need to TALK ABOUT RUNNING NONSTOP.

Runners are their own breed; we have our distinct mannerisms, habits and crazy ideas of what constitutes fun. We LOVE Nike tempo shorts, maybe even more than we love jeans. Ok definitely more than we love jeans, or any type of real clothing for that matter. We live in sports bras, live for sweat wicking fabric and consider Lululemon a god send. Who needs blush when a good run will flush your cheeks for free?? You know the marketer in me thinks a good name for the next Nars blush should be "runners flush". Nars, can I have a job?

Some girls dream about Cavalli and Louboutins dressing their bodies and covering their feet, while I and my fellow sweaty friends lust after the newest Pro Bar flavors, Nike seasonal colors and styles and the day it’s time to shop for a new pair of sneakers. Its heaven I tell you! The difference can basically be summed up like this; the fashion obsessed love Victoria Beckham while we sweaty folk love David.

Runners are controlled by nature; we can't help it, we have to be. The sport dictates a pretty high level of self-discipline. That doesn’t mean we don’t overindulge (we do, all the time), but we know jumping out of bed after late night pizza, beer and deep fried Twinkies may very well lead to running diarrhea. Google “runners that have shit their pants while running”, I’ll wait. See? It’s a thing! No thank you. Making sure I eat the right foods, drink plenty of fluids and get as much rest as my New York City life will allow (that’s precisely zero minutes as fellow new yorkers can attest) are all key in my attempt to run my best. Or even run mediocre. Hell, there are times when its 5:45am, on a Tuesday and it’s raining that I’ll take that mediocre run.

Summer is the perfect season to love running. It is FINALLY time to wave goodbye to the unrelenting winter temps, and I can get on with sweating like a boss. The color is coming back to my skin and I can lose the countless layers that can be annoying!

To those that think runners are weird and obsessed with being healthy, only talk about running or are just plain crazy, I offer you this...try becoming one and see what happens.

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