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    Every Phone From Season 1 Of Gossip Girl

    How else were you supposed to spread the hot gossip other than with the hottest phones of 2007?

    Episode 1: Pilot

    Episode 2: The Wild Brunch

    Episode 3: Poison Ivy

    Episode 4: Bad News Blair

    Episode 5: Dare Devil

    Episode 6: The Handmaiden's Tale

    Episode 7: Victor, Victrola

    Episode 8: Seventeen Candles

    Episode 9: Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

    Episode 10: Hi, Society

    Episode 11: Roman Holiday

    Episode 12: School Lies

    Episode 13: A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

    Episode 14: The Blair Bitch Project

    Episode 15: Desperately Seeking Serena

    Episode 16: All About My Brother

    Episode 17: Woman on the Verge

    Episode 18: Much 'I Do' About Nothing

    You know you love me.


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