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20 Animals That Are Smarter Than You

Don't feel bad. These guys just know what it takes to #staysmart.

1. This classically trained Schnauzer


Good lord, she's not even looking at the music. Now she's just showing off.

2. This PhD-having cat

Bruce McAdam / Via Flickr: 24049533@N00

Dumbledore just got tenured at Yale AND caught a duck all by himself.

3. This mad scientist terrier mix

liesvanrompaey / Via Flickr: 27583456@N06

Kafka is wearing machinists' glasses and hanging out in a library. Why? Because he's building something. What? What is he building?

4. These award-winning puppies


If you look closely you'll notice those trophies are for speed-reading.

5. This overachieving bunny

Lindsay Silveira / Via Flickr: 7669635@N06

Bernie is a five-time Jeopardy champion. And not Animal Jeopardy, either -- regular human Jeopardy.

6. This massively smart Mastiff


Sam is successful enough now that he can hire other dogs to bark at skateboards while he grows his business.

7. This hella smart elephant


Scarlett is not only an acclaimed minimalist painter, but she's also street smart and a pinnacle of her community.

8. This organized troupe of macaques


It's next to impossible to coordinate a huge family road trip, so Jacques gets it done with the help of online scheduling tools... that he designed himself.

9. This nuts-about-reading chipmunk


If that doesn't impress you, consider that he's reading in Latin.

10. This millionaire recluse

Candie_N (Welcome Spring) / Via Flickr: 66301564@N00

Kimmy doesn't like to talk about it, but she actually made a fortune during the Great Recession.

11. This no-bull bulldog

amy_kearns / Via Flickr: 78779687@N00

Cerberus knows that nothing's smarter than eating healthy.

12. This hardworking hen


Roxanne works her butt off at her catering job all day. At night, she writes excellent, marketable screenplays and rotates her eggs.

13. This cool, calculating Chihuahua


Does it intimidate you that Consuela is 6 weeks old and can already work an abacus? It should.

14. This strategically minded intellectual


Of course Dustin can beat the chess computer. Dustin programmed the chess computer.

15. This bird puppet who gives thanks to Enrico Fermi

Brennan / Via Flickr: 9406889@N04

The turkey is fake but the physics is very real.

16. This scholarship-receiving, Exeter-educated Westie


Walter's favorite subjects are digging, barking at ghosts and Keynesian economics.

17. This nationally ranked chimp champion


On the other hand, Hector can't be that smart: He's smoking.

18. This efficient-packing pachyderm


Kayla not only knows how to pack light to avoid baggage fees, but she's saved up enough miles to upgrade to business class. Because honestly, coach was gonna be a bit of a tight squeeze.

19. This outraged monkey


Lazlo cannot BELIEVE the sorry state of American poetry these days.

20. This good will hunting-dog


Actually, Birdie's not even a mathematician. She just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express® last night.