12 Signs You’ve Been A Business Traveler For Too Long

It’s so true, it hurts. Once you arrive, make sure to #StaySmart.

1. You try to recline in every chair you sit in.

2. You can fit your entire life into a carry on.

3. Your chargers have chargers.

4. You have intense animosity towards certain flight attendants at your home airport.

5. You, never ever check a bag.

6. You refuse to arrive at LAX, JFK, LGA, or ATL between the hours of 4-6pm.

7. You know the best hidden spots to get a quick drink.

8. You’re a pro at getting through security.

9. You live in your own time zone.

10. You can wear your suit as three different outfits.

11. You refer to cities as their airport codes, not their real names.

12. Your favorite phrase is “You’ve been upgraded.”

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