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10 Indispensable Gadgets For The Business Traveler

Don't just #StaySmart when you book your hotel: Travel smart, too, with these (mostly) must-have gadgets to make your trip that much easier.

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1. Portable gel seat

Don't get butt-hurt if you have an overseas flight. Yeah, it's like a hundred bucks and no, your company won't buy you one, but right around the 8-hour mark you'll probably be feeling pretty good about spending that per diem while your more miserly travel companions squirm and complain.

(Unless you fly first class all the time, in which case whatever: Your life is perfect. Stop reading BuzzFeed and go feed your unicorns.)

2. TuGo

goodtugo / Via Flickr: goodtugo

You are zipping through airports on the regular. You will always have a rolling suitcase and a cup of coffee. These facts are non-negotiable. But now you can also have a free hand to answer your phone, play Candy Crush, wave to a relative, make some amazing shadow puppets; The possibilities are basically endless. You can get one here.

3. The Upright Sleeper

Think it's a neck brace? Look again! Oh, wait, no. It is a neck brace, isn't it. But not an I've-been-in-a-car-accident neck brace. Oh no, it's an I-love-sleeping-upright-like-a-horse neck brace. Now you can sleep with your head straight up, not leaning on a pillow like some insane person.

4. TrakDot

You travel a lot. Therefore, it's a matter of when, not if, your luggage is accidentally sent to who-knows-where. TrakDot won't stop that from happening, but it will track your bag's global adventure in real time so you can retrieve it or, at the very least, be happy for it that it's having a nice time on its own.

5. Go Girl

We've all been there, ladies. You're in some Godforsaken third world train station and there's no toilet, just a hole in the ground. Or you're Stateside and there is a toilet, but it's dag nasty. Or maybe you just like peeing into a medical grade silicone funnel. Either way, Go Girl has your back. There's also a disposable version in case you like throwing things away.

6. MiFi

You probably already own this, and if you don't, get with the program. MiFi is the catch-all name for portable wireless. BuzzFeed does not endorse any particular MiFi, but get something, and get it now, because hotel WiFi fees can be ridiculous and you can get a good one for around a hundred bucks, which will mean that it'll pay itself off right quick.

(Or, you know, get free wi-fi when you stay at a Holiday Inn Express hotel.)

7. Universal charger

Again, we don't have an opinion as to what kind you should get, but you should get one. If you've been to an airport more than once in your life you know you can't rely on those charging stations in the gate, and if your phone/iPad/etc. runs out of juice somewhere over the Atlantic, what are you gonna do? Read? (*shudder*)

8. Or, for those truly out-of-the-way trips, a hand-crank charger

Granted, it takes one minute of hand-cranking to give you four minutes of power. But one day you'll be on a business trip to an Amish community and boy, you'll thank us then.

9. Nano-UV Disinfectant Wand

If you've ever done that thing where you shine a black-light all over things to see how unclean they are, you might want to consider one of these jammies, which allegedly use UV light to kill bacteria and all the other gross and horrible things that creepeth o'er the Earth. If you haven't ever done that black-light thing... then... don't. It's nothing. Just don't do it.

(Some things you can never un-know.)

10. Virtual Keyboard

It's a holographic laser keyboard for your iPad, iPhone or Android. It saves space by not making you carry around an actual keyboard blah blah blah WHO CARES?! LASERS!!! It's 2013, you guys, and we are straight-up living in the future.