11 Ways To Have Ranch With Your Breakfast

There is absolutely no reason for us to feel like we have to wait until lunch or dinner before we can put some Hidden Valley® For Everything on our food. Check out all the ways you can enjoy it for breakfast, and then explore your creative side.

1. Beef Up Your Corned Beef Hash

Corned beef hash is made up of like 10 different ingredients, and Ranch just happens to go with every single one of them.

2. Amp Up Your Frittata

You know someone might have feelings for you if they make a frittata for you. But you’ll know your love can never be if they serve it to you with some ketchup.

3. Re-Invent Your Eggs Benedict

Lemuel Benedict can’t tell us what he was thinking when he used hollandaise sauce for his “hangover cure,” but smart guys like him usually recognize their mistakes pretty quickly.

4. Lather It On Your Breakfast Burrito

Maybe it’s time to give your esophagus a break from all the hot sauce, yeah?

5. Cover Your Waffles In It

arnold | inuyaki / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: arndog

How else are we supposed to show those Europeans who’s boss?

6. Sneak It Into Your Croissant Sandwich

Marcelo Träsel / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / flic.kr

They totally put Ranch on everything in France. They just don’t tell anyone.

7. Drizzle It On Your Breakfast Tacos

Ranch is an obvious ingredient in tacos, so it’s completely fine to pour some into the shells even if the “Today Show” has aired yet.

8. Pile It On Your Steak And Eggs

See how much white space there is on this plate? It’s a little upsetting.

9. Slather It On Your Quiche

Quiches are the best because you can literally put anything in them…which means it’s a shame when someone undoes all their masterful handiwork by putting ketchup on their product.

10. Spoon It Onto Your Breakfast Quesedilla

Watching the Ranch melt on the warm bread is definitely better than anything a French press can do.

11. Dunk Your Breakfast Sausage In It


12. Put Dollops On These "Bacon Cups"

These are eggs wrapped in bacon. They practically dunk themselves.

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