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    Jun 7, 2016

    These Are The Top 8 Sites You Should Be Posting On To Build Your Personal Brand

    Blogging is an important part of any marketing strategy, but if you’re only posting on your own site, you’re likely limiting your reach. Your followers already know how great your brand is and any new visitors are more likely to be looking for basic information that your blog post doesn’t cover. By guest blogging on high-visibility external sites, you can get your products or services in front of a new audience. You’ll establish yourself as a thought leader and capture the attention of consumers, leading to an increase in sales. Here are eight great sites to add to your marketing strategy.

    Huffington Post


    With a monthly readership of 86 million, Huffington Post remains one of the most popular blogging platforms. Getting approval to write for the site can be challenging, but if you have an existing readership, you should be able to convince the site to accept you. The visibility it will bring to your site is currently unmatched, thanks to its high traffic numbers and impressive page rank.



    Mogul, known as the Reddit for women, is a platform dedicated to empowering females by providing access to information. Reaching 18 million per week across 196 countries and over 30,470 cities, this is the perfect platform for getting the word out about your personal brand within a supportive international community and expressing your unfiltered opinion. Led by Influencers such as Chelsea Clinton, Kelly Osbourne and the Mayor of Paris, content is user-generated whereby you can post a story, product, or job without going through an editor. In addition to the exposure you’ll get on the platform, Mogul promotes posts across its channels, further increasing your brand’s reach. The posting process is very user-friendly and can be started by creating a profile here.



    The best thing about Medium is that there’s no vetting process. Anyone can sign up and start blogging immediately. This gives you the freedom to write about whatever topics you feel will help build your reputation as an authority on your own subject matter. In addition to reaching the site’s built-in audience, you can also create high-quality linkable content that you can share on your various social media platforms.

    LinkedIn Pulse


    LinkedIn is known as a valuable networking tool, but many professionals aren’t sure what to do beyond building a profile. Through LinkedIn Pulse, you can post interesting content to be viewed by your peers, as well as potential customers or clients. This is another site without a vetting process, so you can start posting immediately.

    SquareSpace Blog


    If you’ve set up your business site through SquareSpace, you already have a built-in blogging platform. You get a free blog as part of your SquareSpace site plan and, unlike some other blogging platforms, the blog section is easy to use, featuring drag-and-drop technology.



    Tumblr has its own unique audience, with members that regularly post and read blogs. Experts say that certain brands do better than other on Tumblr, including fashion and publishing. Before settling on Tumblr as a platform, familiarize yourself with the most popular posts on the site and determine if you have something to offer that might lead customers to want to learn more about your brand.



    If you want to direct traffic to your blog, Reddit is a valuable resource. You can use the site to drive large traffic numbers to your posts, especially if you post your link on the right subreddit. The key to success on Reddit is to get plenty of up-votes, which make your content more visible. The best way to do that is by linking top-quality content with an attention-grabbing headline.

    Elite Daily


    Elite Daily can be a great addition to your content marketing strategy. The editors only post content from millennials, favoring articles that are likely to go viral with its Generation Y readership. To be considered, fill out the application here and include five article ideas and a link to a sample of your writing online.

    External blogging is a great way to share information that calls attention to your brand. You’ll also provide great content on impressive sites that you can link on your social media sites. The end result will be useful content that helps establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

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