Boats Against The Banana Stand

This is what happens when the Great American Family and the Great American Novel combine in a single meme. Perhaps, Gatsby found all of his money in the banana stand after all; but, Maeby not.

The Bluths are everything that F. Scott Fitzgerald was trying to create when he penned the Great American Novel.

George Michael and Jay Gatsby are basically the same person.

Tobias is just a literary vehicle to express The Man inside us all.

Oiy. Aren’t we all though?

If only to pay alimony forever and ever, that kiss and Vegas quickie were so totes worth it.

This is why Maeby was so into STEVE HOLT



Also known as a hangover.

We are all the same, we are all the same.

Gatsby never had time to go be with Daisy because he was smothered by his mother who had him in all of the Motherboy pageants.

Snugs those flowers so hard.

Daisy: Mista F

Like, Gatsby is all this and…

…Nick is all Lucile.

What I really, really want to know is if they were driving on through the friskalating dusklight toward the Tenenbaum house…


South Coast Plaza was having a fire sale.

F.S.F. even predicted the coming of Eifel 65.

Never lose hope.

Unpacking the knapsack of white privilege is super important.

And so ends this mashup of The Great American Family and The Great American Novel.

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