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    Finish These Hamilton Lyrics (Quick Quiz)

    Can you answer these trivia questions based on the songs from Lin Manuel-Miranda's hit musical Hamilton?

    1. Dropped in the β€” of a forgotten spot in the β€”


      The iconic line in the opening song - Alexander Hamilton

    2. β€” said to be home by β€”

      From the schuyler sister


      Daddy said to be home by sundown

      Schuyler sisters

    3. Heed not the β€” who screams β€”


      Heed not the rabble who screams revolution

      Farmer Refuted

    4. The - say I got the same - and brains as my pops.


      The scholars say I got the same virtuosity and brains as my pops the ladies say my brains not where the resemblance stops ;)

      Blow us all away

    5. I'm doing ev'rything I can but you have to understand that the - was already - when he arrived


      I'm doing ev'rything I can but you have to understand that the wound was already infected when he arrived...

      Stay alive (reprise)

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