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11 Backyard Renovations That Will Make You Want To Buy The House

Sometimes the best room in a house is the yard.

1. Keep score — or just keep it cozy — on this stunner of a back porch.

2. Hello, realized potential.

3. Do we still call it a "patio" if it looks this adorable?

4. This sunroom shines light on the gorgeousness that is teal.

5. Want a pop of 🔥hot?🔥 Add red.

6. Question: Can you live in one of those design magazines? Answer: 👍👍👍

7. If you're looking for your zen, start here.

8. Sending a postcard of this that says "Wish summer were the only season!"

9. There's no better place to have a conversation than a conversation cove.

10. Honestly, more pools should have skeletons.

11. Curl up with a book. Stay here for hours. Hours become days. Never leave. Change address to "the backyard." This space is your true home now.

All images courtesy of HGTV.

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