Top 15 Underrated Horror Flicks

    There are too many of the same horror movies that are replayed every Halloween. Here's a list of 15 obscure horror flicks that will be sure to scare the pants off of you during the scariest season of the year!

    • Martin

      George Romero’s take on vampirism. A young man who believes he is a vampire goes to live with his cousin in small-town PA. He attempts to satiate his blood lust by slashing the wrists of women with razor blades so he can drink their blood.

    • May

      An extremely painful story line about a lonely woman traumatized by a difficult childhood and plagued with an inability to interact and connect with those around her. The movie stars Anna Farris, Jeremy Sisto and Angela Bettis

    • The Last House on the Left (Original)

      The 1972 film, directed by Wes Craven, is notorious for one of the most brutal rape scenes in American cinema history. The plot line revolves around the abduction of two teenage girls by a group of fugitives. A great twist ending.

    • Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

      After her release from a mental institution, Jessica, her husband and a friend go to the country for some R&R. But there isn't much R&R going on after Jessica’s neurosis and madness resumes.

    • Black Christmas (Original)

      1974 original film that revolved around the mysterious murders taking place within a sorority. Renown for pioneering some of the creepiest phone call scenes and it’s great cast including Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder

    • House

      Surrealist director Nobuhiko Obayashi is responsible for this humorously twisted flick. Plot follows a young girl nicknamed Gorgeous and her group of friends who go to visit Gorgeous’s estranged aunt.

    • I Spit On Your Grave

      One of the most controversial horror movies released due to its extremely graphic rape-revenge narrative. The violent film from 1978 is about a short story writer who rents a cottage in the countryside. Things go awry when two men abduct her during her vacation.

    • Ginger Snaps

      Great coming-of-age Canadian werewolf film about two sisters who are obsessed with death.

    • Jacob’s Ladder

      Character Jacob Singer is a U.S. soldier back from the Vietnam War. The entire film shifts back and forth between Singer’s present in NYC and his hallucinations and memories from Vietnam. His memories start to manifest themselves in his every day life has he tries to piece together what happened to him during the war. The movie stars Tim Robbins.

    • Lake Mungo

      This movie was a 2008 Australian psychological horror mockumentary. It’s along the same vein as Paranormal Activity, but slipped under the radar. It’s about a teenage girl, Alice Palmer, who drowns while swimming in a local lake. Her grieving family then recounts the time after her death and the discoveries they made about her. Definitely a good mix of anticipation, drama and a little Lynch thrown into he mix.

    • Suspiria

      Can’t really say Suspiria isn’t a predominant horror cult film, but it’s definitely a must-see classic. Directed by Dario Argento, it follows an American ballet student who comes to realize the prestigious school she attends is run by a coven of witches.

    • Alice, Sweet Alice

      1976 independent horror film starring Brooke Shields. After a young girl is murdered during her first communion (Communion & Holy Terror were two original titles), her withdrawn older sister becomes a prime suspect.

    • Pin

      This not so known movie is a low-budget descendant of Psycho. It revolves around a brother and sister who live alone with a large wooden puppet they named “Pin”.

    • Curtains

      an obscure Canadian horror film. It has acquired some underground cult status among those partial to the slasher film genre, recognizing the “ice skating” murder scene as one of the most memorable horror scenes out there. The film is about six young actresses audition for a movie role at a remote mansion. They are soon targeted by a mysterious murderer.

    • The Blood-Spattered Bride

      Spanish horror movie based on the vampire story Carmilla. A young husband’s sexual fantasies begin to frighten his new wife, causing her to seek advice from Carmilla, descendent of Marcalla de Karnstein. After seducing her, Camilla then forces the wife to commit gory acts of mutilation.