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    Now And Then: Celebrity Photos From The 90s Vs. Today

    Here are 20 portraits of celebrities who made it past the decade of disasters.

    • Alyssa Milano

      Alyssa Milano

    • Billy Zane

      Billy Zane

    • Brad Pitt

      Brad Pitt

    • Johnny Depp

      Johnny Depp

    • Drew Barrymore

      Drew Barrymore

    • Gwen Stefani

      Gwen Stefani

    • Halle Berry

      Halle Berry

    • Hilary Swank

      Hilary Swank

    • Julia Roberts

      Julia Roberts

    • Justin Timberlake

      Justin Timberlake

    • Katherine Heigl

      Katherine Heigl

    • Liv Tyler (feat. Pauly Shore)

      Liv Tyler (feat. Pauly Shore)

    • Mark Wahlberg

      Mark Wahlberg

    • Mila Kunis

      Mila Kunis

    • Natalie Portman

      Natalie Portman

    • Neil Patrick Harris

      Neil Patrick Harris

    • Sarah Michelle Gellar

      Sarah Michelle Gellar

    • Scarlett Johanson

      Scarlett Johanson

    • Whoopi Goldberg

      Whoopi Goldberg

    • Will Smith

      Will Smith