McDonald’s Commercials From 1960 Through 2011

The mighty cooperation everyone loves to hate, and hates that they love. And now I really want a Big Mac.

1. First ever McDonald’s Commercial

2. 1960’s

This is among the first McDonald’s commercials, and it teaches an important lesson: Never except gifts from strangers unless they’re dressed as a terrifying clown.

3. 1970’s

4. 1980’s

5. 1990’s

‘90’s McDonalds was all about sentimentality.

6. 2000

7. 2005

2005 McDonald’s was about the the humor.

8. 2011

And lastly, the 2011 McDonald’s commercial which shoves as many of their healthy products in your face as possible. Because, in case you didn’t know, McDonald’s is healthy now.

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