Bizarre Things You Can Buy From Vending Machines Around The Globe

There are some strange (and questionable) things being offered up in vending machines to willing costumers. How many of these things would you try, and also will you document it when you do?

1. Lobster

“Honey, I’m treating you to a LOBSTER DINNER tonight!”

3. Booze

This. Is. Genius.

4. Hot Dogs


8. Milk Carton

9. Anger Management

This is literally a vending machine you put a coin into so you can watch fragile stuff break. I’ll take five, please!

11. Socks with bizarre sayings

12. Shoes to go with your nonsensical socks!

13. Toilet Paper

Tagline: “When you’re in a rush but you know you’re gonna have to flush!”

14. Fruit and Veggies

Making Dwight Schrute proud.

16. Umbrellas

This is the most convenient invention ever.

17. Necktie

Check out that variety!

19. Pet Rhinoceros Beetles

In Japan, it’s pretty common to have one of these little critters as a pet. My only question is how do they survive in a vending machine?

20. Board Games

21. “Fresh” flowers

Show your loved one you don’t have a lot of money to buy them flowers.

23. Gold

In case you feel like you don’t own enough gold bars.

24. Painkillers

or your antibiotics. Whatevz.

25. Crazy flavored soft serve ice cream

26. A variety of hamburgers

27. Mmmm! Looks tasty!

28. Used School Girl Panties

This sounds illegal. Illegal and also really gross.

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