Beautiful Anatomical “Self-Dissecting” Portrait Paintings

Artist Danny Quirk painted this astonishing series entitled “Self-Dissections: Revealing the Inner Self”. The watercolor paintings are a mesh of traditional portraiture with a surreal approach, giving way to unique and somewhat unsettling imagery.

“Back Dissection” © watercolor 9”x15” (dissection revealing cut superficial/inferior muscles of the back revealing the spinal chord)

“Skin Bra” © watercolor, 10.5”x15” (dissection revealing mammary structures of the breast, and lymph nodes)

“Self Dissection” © watercolor 11”x16” (self portrait, dissection revealing the heart)

“Skinned Back” © watercolor, 11”x14” (dissection revealing superficial musculature of the back)

“Lateral Trunk Dissection) © watercolor, 11”x14” (dissection revealing superficial musculature of the lateral trunk)

“Skinned Neck” © watercolor, 10.5”x13.5” (dissection revealing musculature of the neck)


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