10 Jaw Dropping Traditions From Around The World

    There are traditions many us are accustomed to, traditions like Christmas, having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or getting paddled during initiation by your fraternity brothers. Other cultures participate in rituals just a little more intense than our own.

    1. Man Down Russian Drinking Game

    2. Baby Tossing

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    In Maharashtra state of India, it is common practice to toss newborn babies off the side of a 15 meter temple. According to tradition, this gives the children good luck into their adult years and strengthens intelligence. Or a fear of falling off tall buildings. Either way.

    3. Carrying pregnant women over coal

    4. Living with the Dead

    5. Tibetan Sky Burial

    6. Kanamara Matsuri

    7. Indonesian Walking Dead

    8. Kidnap the Bride

    9. Bullet Ants Coming of Age Ritual

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    In the Amazon, becoming an doesn't mean celebrating the first sight of hair on your nether regions. For the Satere-Mawe tribe in Brazil, it means sticking your hands into gloves filled with BULLET ANTS for eleven hours. Now, if you don't know what a bullet ant is, let us inform you. Bullet ants, or Paraponera, have a Schmidt Sting Pain Index of ONE. That's the highest ratings, guys. The name is awarded appropriately given their stings are compared to being shot with bullets. If that's what becoming a man entails, then I know no men.

    10. Yanomamo Ash Eating