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21 Upsetting Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree can be a fun family activity. Unless you own any of these ornaments. Then it becomes a "mommy, what is Santa Claus doing?" moment and your children hate Christmas forever.

1. Army fetus tree ornament

2. This terrifying doll tree decoration

3. Poop. No seriously, poop.

4. Merman/Fireman combo

5. Balding Dracula

6. Farting Butts

7. A very upset baby

8. Matching kissing ornaments

9. The Jersey Shore

10. Zombie "Mistle-toe" ornament

11. Jesus wedged in a chimney

12. Naughty Santa

13. This

14. A boob

15. Gangsta merman

16. Nazi ornaments

17. Taylor Lautner

18. This family-friendly guy

19. Even more mermaids

20. This strange doll

21. One the whole family can enjoy