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12 Fashion Trends That Should Never Make A Comeback

Fads are a rapidly changing part of culture, and thank sweet baby jesus for it because these trends really need to just stay in their proper decades as warning for past fashion faux pas. And no, none of these should be worn ironically, either.

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1. Platform thong sandals


What was up with women vying over wearing these chunks of styrofoam? It kind of made made people look like the wanted to be both comfortable yet stylish but then forgot what both of those words meant.

2. Gold lame leggins


Unless you're in the top .0001% of people that can pull off this look (or this is still the '80s, which, last time I checked, it's not) these things just end up looking like legs squeezed into easter egg foil at a rave.

3. Mullet


It doesn't matter how attractive, or famous, you may be, if you sport a mullet you look like a douche. I'm really sorry to break it to you like this, but someone really needed to let you know.

4. Parachute pants


Are you being launched into space? Are you carrying around an abundance of small objects in those zipper pockets? You're not? Good. Then you'll never need to wear these pants again.

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