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5 Of The Worst Candy We All Got As Kids On Halloween

As kids, each Halloween we would go out looking for the houses that gave out the best candy. However this is a list of the 5 worst candy to get on Halloween.

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5. Raisins


Why did people think it was ok to give kids raisins on Halloween and parade them around like candy? One bite of what looks to be a shriveled pile of poop, also known as a raisin, should make anybody gag.

4. Raisinets


Did they really think that covering the vile taste of a raisin in chocolate would mask its flavor. No, all they have done is waste perfectly edible chocolate that could have instead been given to us as kids.

3. Dubble Bubble


One can only assume that the name, Dubble Bubble, comes from the fact that you will only be able to blow 2 bubbles before all flavor in the gum will be gone. At that point you are just chewing on rubber cement. Also why the hell is it shaped like a gear? It looks like a missing piece to your Lego set.

2. Candy Corn


We all had that one family that was giving out candy corn. The worst part about it, besides the fact that it tastes worse than a bottle of bleach, is that they would just give you a handful of the cancer that is candy corn, and then there would just be stray pieces of it in your candy bag collecting dirt. (Wait why was my candy bag dirty?....)

1. Candy Necklace


It looks so harmless. It just looks like someone put sweet-tarts on a necklace so you could wear your candy around your neck. Instead what you get is sub par candy and you proceeding to wear your own saliva around your neck for the remainder of the night.

So what candy did we forget? List your least favorite candy in the comments.

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