6 Things I (A German) Love About America, And 5 Things That I Find Incredibly Weird

    These are my experiences and opinions, not a universal concept of America!

    1. Love: The generosity I’ve experienced in the US.

    2. Weird: Why do Americans use Fahrenheit?

    3. Love: The small talk.

    4. Weird: Why don’t you use the metric system?

    Confused math lady meme

    5. Love: Bagels and Regular Cheerios

    6. Weird: Why does it cost so much to go to school?

    Carrie from sex and the city holding a bunch of money looking concerned

    7. Love: Nature

    Looking down on beautiful Lake Ann surrounded by colorful fall foliage in Washington's North Cascades in autumn.

    8. Weird: Why do you say the month, then the day, then the year?

    a lined piece of paper with the date 9/14/21 written on it

    9. Love: The serving sizes

    Huge messy burger on a plate close up

    10. Weird: Chips for dinner

    Woman Eats Chicken Sandwich With Side of Chips

    11. Love: The helpfulness