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    19 Of Cookie Lyon's Most Iconic "Empire" Looks, Ranked

    Nobody turns heads like Her Royal Flyness Cookie Lyon.

    19. The #tbt crimped bob

    FOX / Via

    Cookie sports this ultra-90's bob in the show's flashbacks to her life with Lucious before prison. The hairstyle looks like it smells like Blue Magic with an ever so light after-scent of Dark N Lovely's finest relaxer, plus the bamboo earrings set. it. off.

    18. The smoldering Janelle Monae

    FOX / Via

    Cookie's white minidress and black leather jacket serve some serious grown-up-Janelle-Monae realness, and the gold-capped white heels exude Cookie Lyon sex appeal. With a clutch that includes snakeskin details, Cookie's neutral palette is bold, simple, and sultry.

    17. The funeral chic hat

    FOX / Via

    After the on-screen death of Cookie's cousin, Bunkie, she reveals a somber outfit at his funeral. With a hat that's somehow both grandma-friendly and high fashion fierce, Cookie manages to be appropriate and stunning during one of the season's saddest moments.

    16. The "slay while you pray" dress

    FOX / Via

    This green and black sequined dress magnifies Cookie's dragon-esque, fire-breathing prayer, which leaves Anika (aka "fake ass Lena Horne" aka "boo boo kitty" aka "fake ass Halle Berry") singed at the dinner table.

    15. The post-coital luxury loungewear

    FOX / Via

    After her "reunion" with Lucious, Cookie luxuriates in this satin pajama set. It's perfect for remaining ultra-comfy and keeping her cool while reminding no-good Lucious he needs to get his life together if he wants anymore of Cookie's nookie.

    14. The "that's my baby, but don't I look like I could be his sister?" look


    After Jamal's incredible performance at Empire's all-white party, Cookie reclines at her desk and reads through articles covering his bold announcement. She is proud and pampered, looking like entertainment royalty in a blue and white floral dress and black T-strap stilettos.

    13. The "black mama on date night" red dress

    FOX / Via

    Nothing says "it's summertime and my man is taking me out for Patron margaritas after work so I'm not focusing on anything else all day" like a sheer-ish, bright red dress.

    12. The Grown 'N' Sexy prom dress

    FOX / Via

    The dress has a high slit, but its conservative neckline and long sleeves make it weirdly tame look for her.

    11. The "all cheetah print everything" look

    FOX / Via


    10. The "take these Cookies, Malcolm" look

    FOX / Via

    Yeah, she rocks black and white with gold statement jewelry and a metallic indigo bag, but the real stars of this outfit are her high-heeled booties —which get some prominent screen time when she dangles them out of an SUV while trying to seduce the company's handsome security manager, Malcolm.

    9. The "now take me away, Malcolm" fur coat

    FOX / Via

    Cookie asks Malcolm to take her somewhere they can ~be alone~ and he whisks her off to the (COLD!!!) Berkshires. I don't know why he didn't just take her to the beach (can you imagine what kind of swimsuits Cookie Lyon would bless our screens with?!?!), but whatever, cute idea, Malcolm.

    8. The power necklace

    FOX / Via

    This stunning statement necklace alone deserves its own post, but it works in perfect combination with the rest of Cookie's power outfits during one of the strangest sequences of the entire season. She is poised through the utter chaos, and her reflective necklace is the perfect reminder to everybody else that SHE SEES THEIR SHENANIGANS.

    7. The "I built this shit" dress

    FOX / Via

    When Lucious become too ill to give a speech at the opening of Leviticus, Cookie steps up to do the honors for him. During a speech that's both insulting and inspiring, she makes the case for big-name donors to invest in Empire's upcoming IPO. She is calm and collected, and her dress complements her poise. It's the perfect "I'm gonna talk shit about my ex-husband but y'all better not laugh too hard while I do it because it's only alright when I do it and you need to invest in our company, okay?" outfit, which is an occasion that somehow reappears quite often in Cookie's life.

    6. The timeless cheetah print + fur combo

    FOX / Via

    When Cookie leaves prison after 17 years, she walks through the gates wearing the same outfit she came in with. It still fits her perfectly, OF COURSE.

    5. The Accessories All Star Game

    FOX / Via

    Cookie breaks out the baddest of her accessories to empower her as she attempts to convince songwriter Puma to return from his hiatus. With "All Gold Everything" probably playing as her car pulls up, she walks out wearing a gold necklace, multiple gold bracelets and rings, gold earrings, and a gold belt.

    But the real winner of this look is her black cape. The ensemble is mega powerful, and Cookie looks like a new age hip hop super-heroine--Catwoman meets Missy Elliott meets the strength of Olivia Pope's perennially laid edges.

    4. The perfect purple fur

    FOX / Via

    This look is bold, hyper-feminine, and impeccably accessorized — it screams Cookie Lyon. Everything from her lipstick to her nails to the details of the dress works in perfect harmony with the striking purple fur, and Cookie knows it.

    3. The big, bad boardroom fur

    FOX / Via

    Cookie strolls into the Empire boardroom to demand her rightful place at the table, rocking a magnificent fur coat and daring anyone to say something. It's one of her first power moves, and the fur lets everyone (especially Anika) know she ain't playing games. Everything about this look says "hoe don't do it."

    2. The white hot jumpsuit

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    When Empire hosts an all-white party, Cookie shows up in a stunning, sexy halter jumpsuit. It's the perfect statement look for Cookie to wear while walking up to Anika and informing her of the ~complicated~ nature of her relationship with Lucious.

    1. The "not here for a friendly get together" look

    Fox / Via

    Duh. Is there anything more memorable than Cookie opening up her deep purple fur coat to reveal a stunning indigo lingerie set underneath? And then turning around and giving us The Ass Grab Heard 'Round The World?! Phew.

    May Taraji P. Henson and Empire's costume designer, Rita McGhee, be eternally blessed for sharing with us the glory of this Outfit We Truly Did Not Even Deserve. We are not worthy. May their skin always be moisturized and their edges always laid. Forever and ever, amen.