19 Of Cookie Lyon's Most Iconic "Empire" Looks, Ranked

    Nobody turns heads like Her Royal Flyness Cookie Lyon.

    19. The #tbt crimped bob

    18. The smoldering Janelle Monae

    17. The funeral chic hat

    16. The "slay while you pray" dress

    15. The post-coital luxury loungewear

    14. The "that's my baby, but don't I look like I could be his sister?" look

    13. The "black mama on date night" red dress

    12. The Grown 'N' Sexy prom dress

    11. The "all cheetah print everything" look

    10. The "take these Cookies, Malcolm" look

    9. The "now take me away, Malcolm" fur coat

    8. The power necklace

    7. The "I built this shit" dress

    6. The timeless cheetah print + fur combo

    5. The Accessories All Star Game

    4. The perfect purple fur

    3. The big, bad boardroom fur

    2. The white hot jumpsuit

    1. The "not here for a friendly get together" look