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  • 19 Reasons To Not Go Vegan

    No eating animals or animal byproducts? No thank you. Sure it’s great for your health and for the environment and, obviously, for the animals. But, have you considered all that you’d be giving up if you decide to go vegan?

  • 20 Reasons Flying Is Absolutely The Worst

    Whether it’s the inevitability of communicable foot diseases greasing the security line floor or the unfortunate necessity of eating a Burger King CROISSAN’WICH (WHY?!) since airports don’t believe in real breakfast, flying is just really awful.

  • 5 Signs You Just Moved To LA

    So, you just made the big move to Los Angeles. It’s warm and beautiful and the people are…interesting. However, you’ve got some adjusting to do. Rich with diversity, self-proclaimed “creative” people and amazing food, Los Angeles can also be expensive, dirty and often baffling. Eventually, you are going to love it. But for now, keep these 5 signs of transplant-dom to a minimum.

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