32 Cakes That Will Have You In Awe

    You can have your cake and eat it too.

    1. Crayons that kids can finally eat.

    2. The three most important food groups.

    3. Old school type-icing.

    4. Wood you be mine?

    5. Unicorns are real and so is unicorn cake.

    6. Bulldozing for daze.

    7. Nothing a cup of tea won't fix.

    8. Super cake to the rescue.

    9. A picture paints a thousand words.

    10. Ketchup lovers will love this cake.

    11. BBQ is everyones favorite food, and cake.

    12. A pot of gold that tastes so sweet.

    13. Grand Theft icing in the works.

    14. A loaf of sponge cake is all you need.

    15. Monsters, Inc made just for you.

    16. Chicken or cake? It's that hard to tell.

    17. Channel your love for beer with an amazing cake to top it off.

    18. A muffin top that we wouldn't mind having.

    19. Snookered into eating the cake.

    20. D.I.Y. on a whole other level.

    21. Vodka without the hangover.

    22. This M&M waterfall is a must-try!

    23. Death by chocolate, but who cares?

    24. Candy Land like you've never seen it before.

    25. Skull island is ready to chow down on.

    26. A golden chocolate heaven made to devour.

    27. Doughnut touch the icing.

    28. Everything is in the details.

    29. Edible gold, perfect for a queen.

    30. This cake is a toffee popcorn paradise.

    31. Lollipop love made from above.

    32. These animals are almost to cute to eat.


    Cake #10 has been removed to reflect BuzzFeed’s editorial standards. Thank you to the commenters who flagged it!