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Jeff Goldblum Has Joined Instagram And We Want The World To Know About It

With fewer than 4500 followers at the time of this post, it's as if nobody is aware of this historical event, and that needs to change. Now.

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@jeffgoldblum has been on Instagram for about two weeks now, and this was his first post / Via Instagram

Drumming up excitement for Independence Day: Resurgence, Jeff Goldblum a.k.a. "David Levinson" poses like such a damn pro that you almost don't notice Liam Hemsworth in the background.

And yet, this post somehow has just over 1,000 likes. How is this possible? What more could you want?

As if that weren't enough, his son was born on July 4th / Via Instagram

That's right. Charlie Ocean was born on INDEPENDENCE DAY. Because Jeff Goldblum and his family are perfect in every way.

Also adorable? He only follows one other user: his wife.

Do yourself a favor and and follow him -- it's Jeff. Friggin. Goldblum.

You won't be disappointed.

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