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17 Sweet Nothings We’d Love To Hear Alan Rickman Whisper In Our Ears

With a voice like butter caught in the back of the esophagus, Alan Rickman’s words can simultaneously confuse and arouse.

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1. "Disgusting Octagon"

2. "Giggling Rigamarole"

3. "Invariable Carriage"

4. "Just Pungent Enough"

5. "Fire Dilemma"

6. "Unfriendly Limb"

7. "Cabbage Tree"


8. "Wormwood Slang"

9. "Malignant Hosiery"

10. "Three-Hundred Seventy-Three"


11. "Unjust, As Such"

12. "Incipient Predisposition"

13. "Insolent Troll"

14. "Dark Longing"

15. "Filament Exposure"

16. "Whining Swine"


17. "Chinese Take-Out"
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