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11 Other South Park Episodes We'd Like To See Turned Into Video Games

In 2014, Trey Parker and Matt Stone brought the world The Stick of Truth. Up next, they're releasing The Fractured but Whole. With countless other episodes to draw from, here's hoping there are a few more South Park games in our future.

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1. Major Boobage (Episode 1203)

Navigate the fantasy kingdom Kenny sees after getting high on Mr. Kitty’s urine!

4. A Nightmare on Face Time (epi 1612)


Vanquish the hauntings at Randy’s new Blockbuster store in time to go trick-or-treating!

6. HumancentiPad (Episode 1501)

This time, the HumancentiPad is just the beginning, and the citizens of South Park have been tricked into more nefarious agreements from which they need saving!

7. Imaginationland, Parts I, II and III (Episodes 1111 - 1113)

The boys must save the entire contents of the world’s collective imagination from nuclear attack!

10. Die Hippie, Die (Episode 902)


Rid South Park of its hippie infestation before their music festival destroys the town!

11. The Cissy (Episode 1803)


Help Randy pose as his alter-ego, international singing star Lorde, while trying to connect with his children!

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