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Top 6 Whisky And Cocktail Bars In Sydney And Melbourne

Whisky is liquid sunshine. Here's a guide to the best places to drink up in Sydney and Melbourne

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Whisky is liquid sunshine. It’s magic and love held together by spherical ice. It’s magically delicious and can be had on its own or in some incredible cocktails. Here’s my personal list of the some of the best whisky and cocktail bars in Sydney and Melbourne.

6. Gardel's Bar, Surry Hills NSW


Another of Sydney’s speakeasy style bars, this one has an old world charm with a delectable array of whisky and cocktails, with a modern American menu: everything from marinated sticky ribs to gorgeously tangy hot dogs.

5. Victoria Room, Darlinghurst NSW


This is an oldie but a goldie, and the bartenders are always ready to nerd it up and show off their beautiful collection. An established bar, you can always come in early for their infamous High Tea or stay for one of the burlesque shows. They make some amazing mocktails as well, so there’s something for everyone.

4. Barranows Lounge, Hawthorn VIC


This is old world whisky den. Deep-set lounges and one of the only places to smoke cigars, it’s where you’ve always wanted to live out your Mad Men fantasty. If you have enough cash you can even sign up for a personal whisky locker.

3. Eau De Vie, Darlinghurst, NSW


With a cool speakeasy theme, this place has some of the best cocktails and whiskies your hard earned cash can buy. The bartenders know their stuff and if you're game, you can always ask them to make you something special.

2. Whisky & Alement, Melbourne CBD


This gorgeous place houses almost 450 types of whisky. They’re so serious about whisky they have their own school of whisky, and you can take some awesome short courses there to learn all about liquid sunshine.

1. Baxter Inn, Sydney CBD


This place has some of the nicest, oldest single barrels you can find for a reasonable price, including my personal favourite, Glenfiddich 30. The rest of their stuff is on the expensive side, but with a cool speakeasy theme, the dimly-let basement bar has a coziness and otherworldy feel that will completely transport you. Best of all, they have free pretzels!

Do you have a favourite local haunt or a secret gem of a bar? Where do you frequent?

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