The 21 Most Ridiculous Faces People Pull When They’re Scared

Pure Terror for your personal amusement.

In Canada’s Nightmare Fear Factories war on fear, the worst offenders are uploaded to a streaming Flickr account. These are their stories.

1. Like father, like son!

2. “You’re going down with me!”

3. Conga line is a classic tactic


5. One on the far left know’s what’s up

6. Morning Barbershop Quartet warm-up

7. Clutching my pearls!

8. This is just chaos

9. Witnesses of a heinous crime

10. It’s always Inappropriate Sexual Touching O’Clock

11. This guy is totally my Awkward Hands spirit animal


15. Man of the Year.

16. Middle girl’s flipping off is classy in the face in of death

17. The All-Star Baseball Cap Mystery Solving Team


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