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10 Times Hayley Williams Was All Of Us

You must have heard of Hayley Williams , or how she likes to be called - "Hayley from Paramore"

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You probably heard something about Hayley Williams, paramore's lead singer, also known as "that girl with the orange hair"


What you may not know, is that even though Hayley is famous since her teenage years - she is all of us

Like when she broke her toe walking. Just walking.

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Snapchat @yelyahwilliams / Via

Or when she cried (again) watching Friends.

The One Where Ross Finds Out 😩😭😩😭😩😭

When she made it clear to fans when they'd get new music.

Yes. It's being recorded..... Right after we eat this meal.

Food comes first.

When she couldn't help but dance at Target.

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All. of. us.

And that time when all she needed was her grandma's approval.

Hayley featured in the song "Bury it" by Chvrches.

When eating was the only thing that really mattered.

Everytime she was...herlsef. / Via Vine ♧Paramore✘Pilots♤

When she wasn't scared to show her love for NSYNC

Nothing explains my life more

" me: remembers the lyrics to every *NYSYNC song

me: forgets i made myself a cup of tea an hour ago "

And when she was the biggest paramore fan ever.

i heard Miz Biz on the radio tonight n sang along to it as if i wasn't actually in that band ... i wasn't gonna tell anybody but efff it

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