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    • Heyhey123

      I taught for 2 years in an international school, here are just a selection from the comments I received:
      1) “My daughter took her underwear off during recess, you need to check to make sure she is wearing her underwear, it is your job to do that.
      2) “Why does my child not know how to write her alphabet?” (The child had just turned 3 and the parent refused to review work at home).
      From the same parent actually
      3) Me: We are having some behavior issues with your child. She refuses to listen and do any work.
      Parent: yes she is the same at home, tell me how you can make her listen.
      4. “Why is the Christmas holiday so long? Make it shorter because we don’t know what to do with our children ”
      5) “My child needs extra tuition, can they come and live with you”. There were MANY more extremely idiotic comments made, these are all I can think of so far. But if you are wanting to become a teacher, don’t let parents like this put you off. The amount of positive feedback I received and the gratitude from the parents when I was leaving was all worth it. It’s the students that matter most at the end of the day, forget those obnoxious, thoughtless and brainless remarks.

    • Heyhey123

      I’ve also called a grandma a pair or tits because i got confused at which tone to use…. tones make up the chinese language, also every single city/ or town has its own dialect, some don’t even know how to speak mandarin! most people if they are with their townfolk with speak their dialect, they can tell if your not a local if you don’t know the dialect, ive been living in china for 3 years and people still dont understand my chinese because i havnt used the tone correctly

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