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4 Reasons Reviewers Swear By glowup.’s Teeth-Whitening Kit

Your teeth are about to get a little glow up — literally.

Beauty is pain, right? Wrong! Whether you've been burned by other teeth-whitening products or you're a beginner looking for your first kit, glowup. has got your back — or, er, teeth.

hand holding the whitening gel

Not convinced? Let's see why so many satisfied customers swear by glowup.'s teeth-whitening kits.

1. Reviewer see results, plain and simple.

Before and after showing the whitening kit significantly whitened a user's teeth

2. It's super personalized, aka great for people with sensitive teeth. You fill out a short 60-second quiz and receive a unique kit tailored to your teeth.

Diagram showing the three-step process of ordering a kit

3. It's really five minutes a day and eight shades lighter in six days quick.

model using the kit

4. It's super affordable! The Bundle Subscription is 45% off for a limited time — so be quick.

And that's the whole ~tooth~! Take your quiz today and the tooth fairy will deliver your personalized glowup. kit.

hand holding the package of the kit and the whitening tray