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7 Photos Of Disney Princesses Who Didn't Live Happily Ever After

Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein shows us what happens when the fairytale ends.

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Snow White runs around after four kids while her Prince gets comfy with a beer.


Photographer Dina Goldstein explained to that the idea for Fallen Princesses came from struggles in her personal life.

Goldstein grew up in 1970s Israel, in a world unexposed to Disney's Princesses.

In an interview with, she explained "Jordan, my daughter, was three at the time and was just starting to get into the ‘Princess phase’. Just around the same time my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The two events collided and made me wonder what a Princesses would look like if she had to battle a disease, struggle financially or deal with ageing."

Rapunzel loses her hair while battling cancer.


Goldstein told, "My first idea was Rapunzel going through chemo and loosing her precious hair. I began to loosely sketch and came up with ideas for the rest of the images."

Cinderella hits the bottle in a dive bar.


"I began to imagine what could happen to the Princesses later in life and after the happily ever after," Goldstein explained.

"Naturally they would have to deal with challenges that all modern woman face."

Jasmine battles on the front line.


Dina told that this was one of her most controversial images from the series. "Some accused me of placing the Middle Eastern Princess as a terrorist. My intention was to display her strength and courage. She is a a warrior, fighting on the front lines, just as so many woman are today in Iraq."

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