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Reasons Why Job Hunting Is The Actual Worst

Job hunting is the worst, and nowadays it's harder than ever. If you're currently in the process, you probably recognize some of these annoying truths.

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Every adult telling you to send them your resume so they "can take a look at it."


Look, I had help from a VP of human resources in putting this together. You, however, are doing a job you hate. Why would I take your advice?

"Where all have you looked so far?"


Um, let me think, let's see, okay, yeah. Literally every job board you've ever heard of + ones you haven't; ones I didn't even know existed until now. Craigslist, even. Do you get it? Literally everywhere.

Checking your email is an emotional experience.


Everything is online now, so you're most likely going to hear back from a job - whether it's good or bad news - by email. When you get that email notification, you must now brace yourself to handle potential excitement and also the likely disappointment that will surely follow; because, let's face it, that email probably has nothing to do with any of the applications you've sent.

People who know you're job hunting asking if you've heard back from anyone.


Look, everyone will know the second I get something. I will call literally everyone. NBC. The White House. The Pope. Trust me, you don't have to ask if I've heard back. I will let you know.

Being in email correspondence or even having an interview...then never hearing back, despite you reaching out.


It's called having manners. It takes 20 seconds to send me an email saying you decided to go a different direction. Rather than me sitting here like an idiot, thinking I might have a chance, why don't you just be decent?

Plus, it's totally unprofessional to just stop communicating. But, I'm no HR manager, so what do I know~~~~

When a company doesn't have any reviews or salaries on Glassdoor and you need to decide whether to abandon the idea or just take a risk and apply.


Glassdoor is a godsend for job seekers to see how other employees rate working for a company, and sometimes there are even salaries posted for various positions. It's a great way to make a decision based on (mostly) unbiased info beyond the job description. But when the company has no Glassdoor presence, it feels like you're taking a leap of faith to apply because you have no idea how people feel about working there.

Reading through position requirements.


"High school diploma +50 years' experience"

COME ON. I get that SOME jobs legitimately need a certain level of experience. But an admin assistant job listed as entry level that needs 8 years of experience? Honestly?

Uploading your resume...and then being prompted to enter in your entire work and education history.


Literally WHAT was the point of uploading my resume, then? At least invest in a program that will extract info from my resume and populate the majority of the fields. It's not a matter of laziness, it's the fact that I'm doing this for 20 different companies A DAY and it takes so much extra time that could be spent doing things that are more productive.

Cover Letters are a necessary evil. They are annoying but they are a step a lot of people don't take and can set you apart if you take the time to write them.


Tip: keep a template for each kind of job you apply for, whether it's a clerical job, or a technician job, etc. that highlights your skills relevant to those fields. Just fill in the company and job title, maybe rearrange a few words here and there, and you're set. It saves time because you're not writing a new letter for each application.

Feeling useless.


When you're unemployed and all your time & energy goes toward what seems to be a pointless job hunt, it's easy to feel like you're useless, that you're mooching off of whoever is supporting you (if applicable), and that you're not contributing to society.

It's a hopeless feeling and trust me, lots of people have been in your shoes.

Wishing you could just be like "I'M DESPERATE, HIRE ME PLZ"


It's hard. But if you keep at it, something is bound to go your way. Times are hard, but people make it through; you can too. I believe in you, friend. You'll get there. I promise.

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