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10 Things That Could Make Any Parent's Bad Day Better

Every parent has wished for help to magically appear on their doorstep! While we can’t guarantee a singing nanny, with HP Instant Ink, you can have one less worry. Save up to 50% on ink and never run out with Original HP Ink delivered to your door.

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1. A professional masseuse. / Via

A quick massage would definitely hit the spot when you're having "one of those days."

2. At least three different babysitters.

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Because you need to get stuff done. And it's only a matter of time until the first babysitter runs out of steam.

3. A cute pet that also knows tricks.

This could at least keep the kids entertained long enough for you to use the bathroom in peace!

4. An espresso...or three.

Senor Gif / Via

Whether the kids woke you before the alarm or you're just having a tired-for-no-reason day, an espresso at your doorstep is pretty much heaven.

5. A no-kids-allowed nap mat. / Via

Wait, why did naptime stop after kindergarten? If only there was a way to have sleep delivered for when that espresso stopped working.

6. An unreleased season of the kids' favorite show on DVD.

Senor Gif / Via

No parent wants to let the televisions be their babysitter, but maybe it's OK just this once...

7. An instant, on-demand maid.

Spilled milk? Finger painting gone awry? Wouldn't it be nice if it just wasn't your problem?

8. A personal chef who already knows your picky kid's dislikes.

Senor Gif / Via

They'll feed your kids and you won't have to deal with the usual dinnertime tantrum.

9. Your fun, childless friends from college.


Maybe they could even babysit while you catch up on the television show you've been binge-watching.

10. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (that you don't have to share).


Enough said...

If only you could get ink for the family printer delivered. Oh wait, you can!

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