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The 9 Stages Of Getting, Spending And Regretting Your Student Loan

It's student loan day, finally! We know that at this point in the year, student loan is a blessing in disguise. Your rent is due, you have 101 things to pay for and you slyly wanna book a holiday to Ibiza. So here's the rundown of the 9 stages of getting, spending and regretting your student loan.

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1. Checking the loan has hit your account at 2 minutes past midnight

Expect all eyes to be glued to mobile banking apps! Seeing that overdraft suddenly disappear is perhaps the most relieving thing in the world, but we all know it doesn’t last.


It’s there! The minus sign has disappeared! You’re in the clear! Is this what being a millionaire feels like?

3. Got to pay those bills though...

Then reality hits – BILLS. Rent, gas, electric, water, wifi blah blah blah..

4. But I still have enough money left over for cocktails at The Forum!

I mean, you have to enjoy yourself a littleeee bit, right?

5. Well, I need that hungover Domino's too...

I’ll have a large pizza, wedges, chicken wings, garlic bread and some cookies please.

6. I'm in need of a new outfit for a night out, too!

You can’t be seen out in the same outfit twice, no way! That ASOS discount is a blessing, but after buying a dress, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of shoes and a bag, not even discount can help you.

7. Whatever I've got left, I'm going to make it last the rest of term..

After spending 98% of the loan, maybe it’s time to budget so you can eat for the rest of term, without having to survive on pasta and ketchup every. Single. Night.

8. Realising that April is the last installment of the year

Oh sh*t! Remembering that it’s the last semester of the year which means no more installments… Time to call mum.

9. And then realising you have to pay it all back...

The ultimate regret.. All this free money has to be taken back at some point! Time to regret ALL of your decisions.

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