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How To Throw The Ultimate House Party This Bank Holiday Weekend

As many of our regulars will be spending their Easter weekends at home we thought we’d put together a party planning list for you to plan your own house parties whilst you’re away from us.

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1. Drinks

This is obvious we know, but how many guests will not turn up with any alcohol? You’ll need something for the boys, something for the girls and something for yourself obviously! We strongly advise to keep your own stash hidden for the duration of the party.

2. Music

Again another obvious one. Struggling to cater for the music tastes of your guests? We have you covered, just look up our predrinks Contrast playlist on Spotify!

3. Ban ALL talks of exams

We get that it is THAT time of year, but there’s no need to mention that dreaded 5 letter word. To ensure complete relaxation and minimal tears, the words ‘exams’, ‘coursework’ and ‘deadlines’ are hereby banned.

4. Chocolate

As it is Easter weekend, chocolate is an absolute must. However, if you’re a “Joey doesn’t share food” type then hide those Easter eggs ASAP.

5. Lock your room-mates doors!

You might have trustworthy friends, but is it worth the risk of your granny pants being proudly displayed in the kitchen by your drunken friends? We think not!

6. Invite your neighbours!

To avoid any angry knocks at the door, solve the problem of noise complaints by inviting them to the party!

7. Plastic Cups!

To minimalise the clean-up operation plastics are the way forward! Avoid breakages and washing up with this simple tip.

8. Pray for sunshine

We understand that this one is out of our hands but we can always hope, right?

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