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How To Make The Long Island Ice Tea

With deadlines and exams looming, summer seems far off and so does your instagram-worthy summer body, but we’re here to help. Perhaps a refreshing cocktail would clear your mind of all your worries (and everything else)? So this is the recipe for our Long Island Ice Tea. It’s a bit different to the traditional Long Island Ice Tea, we know, but now it’s your chance to make it your own!

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Collins Glass

Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Strainer


0.5 shot of Vodka

0.5 shot of Rum

0.5 shot of Gin

0.5 shot of Triple Sec

2 shots of Lemon Juice

0.5 shot of Simple




1.Fill Collins glass with cubed ice.

2.Add all of the spirits and lemon juice to the Cocktail Shaker.

3.Shake the spirits and lemon juice together using the Cocktail Shaker.

4.Strain the liquid over ice using the Cocktail Strainer.

5.Add a dash of coke.

6.Squeeze the lime over the drink to finish.

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