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How To Make The Banana Ripple Cocktail

To celebrate International Banana Day we are giving you our exclusive recipe for our Banana Ripple Cocktail. Apparently, three small bananas can provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout and they can also help you overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses so we are guessing our Banana Ripple Cocktail is kinda healthy, right?

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1. Crushed Ice

2. 0.25 shot of Bols Raspberry

3. 0.25 shot of Bols Banana

4. 0.25 shot of Bacardi

5. 0.25 Sailor Jerry's

6. 0.25 shot of lime juice

7. 0.25 shot of Simple

8. Apple juice

9. Raspberry for garnish


1. Sailor Jerrys Glass

2. Cocktail shaker


1.Add all of the spirits to the cocktail shaker

2.Shake the spirits together.

3.Add the mix to the Sailor Jerrys glass.

4.Add the lime juice.

5.Fill the remainder of the glass with apple juice.

6.Finish with the raspberry as garnish.


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