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7 Types Of People You're Likely To Bump Into At The Forum Hertfordshire

Here we go, the run down of the people you're likely to bump into at The Forum Hertfordshire!

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1. The Mess

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The mess comes in several forms – some with their heads in the Forum toilets, some fighting with security or some passed out at the shuttle bus stop, but with half price cocktails we can’t blame them.

2. The Regular

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Cheeky Wednesday? Contrast? Smirnoff Saturday? They’ve been to every one this year. They know everyone and they know the drinks deals off-by-heart, but a night at the Forum wouldn’t be complete without this keen bean.

3. The Creep

Probably our least favourite, this one is always on the prowl and we all know, drink=confidence! After one glimpse of awkward eye contact across the Attic dance floor, this one is all over you like a rash. RUN!

4. The DMCer

The Deep-Meaningful-Conversation-er is usually found in the smoking area. After a few drinks, he’s ready to discuss your life story, troubles, worries and future plans AND bore you with his, whether you like it or not.

5. The FOMO

The most miserable of the group. They didn’t want to come out, but they didn’t want to miss out on the possible drama of the night. This sober member of the group can usually be found on their phone in the smoking area or looking after a drunken friend.

6. The Bathroom Acquaintance

Our absolute favourite person to meet on a night out. You pop to the loo for a quick wee and end up spending 45 minutes chatting with your brand new best friend. Need a friend? Find your Bathroom Acquaintance!

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