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12 People Share Regrettable Fashion Choices They Made In High School

Ah, the good old days...or were they? You may think you look the same as you did in high school, but the fact is you're exactly different. Just like a Hershey's Cookies n' Creme bar.

1. Claire, 22

"I was verryy into the mall and got all my clothes from that store with the huge posters of models — you know the one. At least I gave myself a thumbs-up."

2. Megan, 23

"I went through a serious headband phase and always had my hair pulled back. Not really sure why that was my accessory of choice, but I had one in every color and 'matched' them with my flip-flops... Why?"

3. Samantha, 22

"My high school style was all about unnecessary and indefensible layers. Am I wearing a T-shirt? I'd better have an extra-long cami underneath. Do I have on a spaghetti-strap dress? Not without a polo underneath. And you think I'm wearing overalls here? Nope. That's a buckled tank. Buckled. Tank."

4. Jake, 24

"There was a time in my life when I thought paying 50 bones for a pair of destroyed cargo pants was the way to go."

5. Mandy, 25

"I’d get mad if you called me emo or goth. I was *scene*, Mom — get used to it.”

6. Clark, 25

"At summer camp all the guys were shaving their heads into mohawks and I thought it looked so cool, so I did it too. Looking back now, I see it was so far the opposite."

7. Emily, 25

"I was definitely trying very hard to fit in with a group that prided themselves on not fitting in. There was a weird ugly/cute line you had to walk: I was very conscious of not looking like I cared and simultaneously still wanting to look good."

8. Jordan, 26

"I'm not really sure if I was scene or emo, but I know that my belts weren't white enough."

9. Jen, 27

"I know it's hard to believe, but that actually wasn't my natural skin color. Not pictured: the heart sticker I put on my hip every time I went tanning. Please, someone — help me forget."

10. Anita, 28

"I wore those pajama pants (in public, mind you) all through high school, until one day I bent over and they split open. I was very popular."

11. Jeremy, 28

"I got this star shirt at a thrift store, and it was like digging up oil in my backyard. I was enthralled by it. Coupled with my Against Me! shirt, I thought I was real hot stuff. I was hot stuff."

12. Casey, 29

"I...I thought that choker was so cute, especially when combined with my white hoop earrings and the white dress hidden beneath my graduation gown. And now I have a million high school graduation pics that will forever remind me that I WAS VERY, VERY WRONG."

As time goes on, you may find you're exactly different — like a Hershey's Cookies n' Creme bar.