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    25 Ways You Know You’re From New Orleans

    New Orleans is a special place, unlike any other... just like its people. If you can identify with these 25 things you truly know what it means to be from the Crescent City.

    Your donuts are square and hole-less... and you’ve almost choked to death on the powdered sugar at least once.

    You jump at the chance to eat bugs... that live in the mud.

    Wearing rainboots is fashionably acceptable.

    The only directions you know: Uptown, Downtown, River and Lake.

    You go on a vegetable diet during the month of March.

    You sometimes find yourself screaming “WHO DAT” when you get overly excited.

    You almost can't imagine a place that won't let you buy alcohol on Sunday, let alone is completely "dry."

    Your favorite Christmas carol may be considered "obscene" or "inappropriate" by outsiders.

    You know what’s around by looking at a painted dog, fish or streetcar.

    This song will always have a special meaning for you.

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    You don’t consider sticking young children and babies on the top of a ladder bad parenting.

    You think summer is the most colorful time of year.

    You wear the same clothes in December that you wore in July.

    You sweat just thinking about being outside during the summer.

    You can drink alcohol anytime and also put beer in a "go cup" without anyone turning an eye.

    You think something entirely different than the rest of the nation when you hear “Hand Grenade.”

    You displayed the most emotion ever shown in your life when the Saints finally won the Super Bowl.

    You know exactly how to pronounce: Tchoupitoulas, Tujagues, Etouffée and Lagniappe.

    You know you can never shop for these, only make them.

    Growing up you thought everyone across the nation had off from school and work for Mardi Gras.

    Your favorite type of pie is either Hubig’s or Moon.

    You find yourself spelling words with “eaux" instead of "O's."

    You were shocked the first time you found out bars outside of New Orleans closed at 2 a.m.

    You know the true names of the seasons: Hurricane, Football, Mardi Gras & Crawfish/Snowball.

    This is the feeling you get when someone says he or she is a Falcons fan.