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  • Top 10 Scary Good Halloween Marketing Campaigns

    The Halloween season has arrived, and for marketers it’s a chance to really have some fun. Using non-traditional and entertaining outreach, brands get a chance to connect with consumers while also getting into the spirit of the holiday themselves. Here are ten frighteningly good ways companies have celebrated the spookiest day of the year through marketing, often increasing their customer engagement and raising brand awareness.

  • 15 of The Most Memorable Ads In New Orleans

    Every business wants their name to be top of mind with consumers, and some strike marketing gold by creating simple slogans, jingles or ads that resonate with the public. Below are just a few of the most memorable ads in New Orleans, some older and some newer. Which ones do you remember most? Are there any you would you add? Comment below or Tweet us @herofarm with your thoughts.

  • Pull The Lever on The Good Karma Slot Machine

    Spreading cheer and doing something good doesn’t have to be only during the holiday season. Click on the image below to see what your good karma mission for today is and use this slot machine throughout the year to help make the world a better place. While your assigned task may not be difficult or earth shattering it may end up changing the world for someone you meet along the way.

  • Famous Taglines Reimagined, New Orleans Style

    New Orleans is as unique a brand as you will find anywhere. But what if that spirit found its way into the taglines of some of the world’s biggest companies? Find out below how famous taglines would change if this list of major companies had been born in New Orleans. Have some of your own to add? Let us know in the comments for possible posting.

  • Logos of New Orleans Test - How Many Can You Name?

    There are 1000s of unique, homegrown or endearing brands that have made their presence felt in New Orleans. Below are logos with their names removed of some older and newer brands that locals hold near and dear to their hearts. How many can you name? Have some to add? Let us know in the comments. Test Answers - http://goo.gl/TYHJXy

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