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    Posted on Nov 16, 2012

    How To Tell The Difference Between A Lemur And A Meerkat

    I need to address a very serious Internet problem here: Lemurs are not the same thing as meerkats.

    Too many times, I've been browsing lemur images online, only to find a photo of a meerkat blithely tucked in amongst the lemurs.

    This is a crime against nature, obviously, but never fear: after reading this post, you will be a 100% qualified lemur-meerkat-differentiation expert!

    This is a meerkat. It pretty much always looks like this.

    Lemurs come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most well-known is the ring-tailed lemur:

    ... but there's also the mouse lemur OMG

    ... and then there's this elegant critter, the crowned lemur:

    It would take all day to list all the fabulous types of lemur, so let's move on.

    Meerkats like to stand upright, so that they can see all that the eye can see.

    Lemurs don't stand upright, but some lemurs like to dance and leap merrily around.

    Wild lemurs live only on the island of Madagascar.

    Wild meerkats live only in places that are not Madagascar (like Southern Africa).

    Some lemurs like to cuddle.

    Other lemurs ... not so much.

    Every meerkat in the world loves cuddles.

    Meerkats even enjoy smooches.

    And tender embraces.

    Now pay attention, this is very important. This is what baby lemurs look like:

    And these are baby meerkats:

    Got that? Let's try it one more time to make sure. Baby lemurs:

    And baby meerkats:

    Congratulations! You are now a lemur-vs.-meerkat expert.

    Now get out there and help rid the world of its lemur-meerkat confusion.

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